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Sri Lanka

Coco Fibre (Coir) (Cocos nucifera)

Coco fibre is the only seed fibre used in brush making, and it is obtained from the husk of the coconut palm in Sri Lanka. The husks are soaked, retted and crushed to extract the brush fibre; and the inner part of the nut is made into food products.

The Coco palm is very productive. The leaves are used for roofs of houses; the stems are bound together to make cheap local stiff brooms; the husk of the nuts produces brush fibre, mattress fibre and coir rope; the dust from the husk is compressed into blocks for compost; the milk is extracted from the nut; and the inner part of the nut is made into ‘Bountys’.

Coco fibre is inexpensive and has average wearing and sweeping properties and is liable to crush and distort, and is used mainly in the cheaper household and industrial brooms. Coco is mixed with other fibres such as PVC, Polypropylene, Gumati and Palmyra (Bassine) to improve its resilience, and reduce the cost of the other materials.

The Coco fibre supplied by our Company is unbleached, but waxed and double hackled.

Coco fibre is also dyed black. This dyed fibre is more popular in the UK than in other countries. Flagged Black fibre is specially treated dyed Coco fibre where the ends have been flagged or split. It sweeps better than plain Coco fibre, especially in drier dusty conditions, looks much more attractive and has a softer feel. The fibre is flagged at our factory in the UK.

Husk rotting in clear water

Husk rotting in clear water (no chemicals are added!).

Final stages of cleaning

Final stages of cleaning.

Final products before cutting

Final products before cutting.

From husk to hackled

From husk to hackled.

Finished 3-tie before shipment

Finished 3-tie Coco before shipment.

Cocos cut and ready

Coco cut and ready to be inserted into the machine.

Coco stock

Coco stock at HBC.

Flagged coco

Flagged Coco.

Coco bundles

Natural and dyed Coco with coconut husk.