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Broom Grass (Miscanthidium sorghum)

Broom grass

Simple Broom Grass bundle broom.

This grass stalk material grows in the mountainous regions of Lesotho (formerly Basutoland) in Southern Africa at approximately 2,500m alongside mountain streams, in a rarefied cold atmosphere. It is the rarefied atmosphere which gives the broom grass its resilience. The maximum length available is about 500mm, but we purchase ready-cut bundles of 203mm and 229mm. The Broom Grass is collected from various villages by a local company, which then delivers the Grass to Cape Town, about 500 miles away, to be containerised.

Whilst brooms are made with 100% Broom Grass in Lesotho, we only mix it with other materials such as Cane, Palmyra, Polypropylene and Sherbro. The mixtures are used in lighter domestic brooms and yard brooms. The light green colour looks very attractive in the finished mixtures.

The Broom Grass has to be purchased by the container load due to the freight costs involved. Lesotho, being a third-world country, is largely dependent on any export which it can derive and the sale of the grass is important to them. At the moment their exports are insufficient to support the needs of the country, and substantial aid is provided by major countries throughout the world. This aid will always be needed unless they can increase their exports of items such as Broom Grass.


Broom grass

Broom Grass.

Broom grass

Cut Broom Grass.

Broom grass

Local Broom Grass broom.