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Arenga [Gumati] (Arenga saccharifera Labill)

Whilst this palm is widely distributed, the only source of brush fibre is Indonesia. The fibre is harvested from the Arenga Pinnata Palm. Gumati is softer and finer than Bahia Bass, but has similar excellent wearing and sweeping qualities. It does not crush easily or rot, and is very hard wearing and resilient. Brushes manufactured with Gumati are excellent for sweeping dry concrete and smooth floors such as in warehouses. Gumati has also become relatively expensive over the last few years, and is now often mixed with cheaper fibres such as Palmyra and Coir to reduce the brush fibre cost.

Arenga [Gumati]

Arenga [Gumati]

Arenga fibre

A large stack of raw Arenga fibre.

Production line

Arenga Gumati on the production line waiting to be dressed.