JH Velthoven are suppliers of dressed raw materials to the brush industry worldwide
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About Us

Old Velthoven CompanyThe J H Velthoven fibre dressing business operated in The Netherlands from 1908 until the end of 2007. The Velthoven name is renowned in the worldwide brush fibre market. It was one of the first companies to start importing and processing vegetable fibres.

The Hill Brush Company (HBC) fibre dressing division started in the UK in 1926, not long after the brush manufacturing company began. HBC acquired the machinery from Velthoven in eary 2008.

Natural fibres have always played a major role in HBC’s product range, and very large stocks of raw materials are kept on site in the UK. HBC designed a number of mixing and combing machines, which were built by the company’s engineering division. Other machines came from former fibre dressing companies such as Patent Products Ltd and James Clark.

The addition of the two Paggin dressing and mixing machines from Velthoven give HBC an unrivalled fibre production operation.

Paggin Large

Large Paggin dressing & mixing machine

Paggin Small

Small Paggin dressing & mixing machine

HBC is one of the few companies to be able to flag Coco fibre, and the operation is carried out using a modified Baer flagging machine.

As you will see from the “Raw Materials” section of this website, natural and synthetic fibres from many countries are now used for the production of brush fibre mixtures.

Natural vegetable fibres are very environmentally friendly, because most of them are harvested and do not destroy the tree or plant, and are bio-degradable.