JH Velthoven are suppliers of dressed raw materials to the brush industry worldwide
JH Velthoven
Bahia PalmFinished 3-tie before shipmentFinal stage of processingSuppliers of dressed raw materials to the brush industry worldwide

Dressed raw materials supplied to the brush industry worldwide

Our fibres are used in the brush and broom industry and originate from a number of tropical countries.


The J.H.Velthoven fibre dressing operation was purchased in 2008 by Hillbrush and installed in their main premises in the UK.

With over 85 years experience in the trade Hillbrush is proud to incorporate the J.H.Velthoven fibre business into its existing operation and to be able to continue to supply dressed raw materials to the brush industry worldwide.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for quotations or any questions that you may have regarding brush fibres.

  • We have many advanced fibre dressing and mixing machines, giving our customers a better quality of end product.
  • We have the capabilities to flag Coco fibre.
  • We have the largest stock of raw materials in Europe available at our 3.9 Hectare site.
  • We have very successful long term relationships with suppliers worldwide enabling us to pass these benefits on to our customers.
  • We provide customers with an outstanding quality of service at competitive prices.